CASA ANGELA                                           Office phone & fax :  011-52-322-221-5018
Rinconada de las Conchas Chinas  #100            House phone:   011-52-322-221-5293
Puerto Vallarta, Jal., Mexico CP 48390            e-mail:

Detailed Information for Confirmed Guests

Arrival and departure,  Check in time is 3:00, please let us know your exact arrival time.  Check out time is 12:00.  The Arrival Information Form  should be down loaded, filled in and then emailed or faxed to the villa at least 2 weeks before arrival.  It includes arrival data, beverage selection and sleeping arrangements.

To/from the airport,  We do not normally arrange transportation from the airport, however we can do so at the cost of $15 US per person if 8 or more people are arriving at the same time.   The simplest and cheapest way is to go to one of the taxi kiosks inside the terminal.    For about $220 pesos ($20 US)  you can buy a ticket for a cab that will take 4 people and bags to Conchas Chinas.  When you leave the villa for the airport  our houseman will get cabs to the airport for $220 pesos each cab.

 Money,  Dollars are widely accepted in town but at less favorable rates.  Traveler checks and dollar checks are not useful at Casa Angela, dollars or pesos are required.  A credit card (e.g., VISA) will get a fair exchange rate in town.  They can be used in most restaurants, the grocery market, automatic teller machines and for cash advances in pesos.

Staff,    The house man (bar tender and concierge), is the primary contact, normally his hours, and the chef´s, are 8:00  to 12:00 and then 4:30 to 8:30 when the villa is occupied (in practice they actually stay all day).    A gardener and three maids are on the property from 8:00 to 4:00.   Gratuities are up to you.  The houseman will distribute the gratuities to the staff if you prefer, according to our formula which assigns more weight to him and to the chef.  Angelina, the laundress, may be able to do a very limited amount of personal laundry depending on the size of the group, ask her. The staff works 7 days a week when the villa is rented.  When we are asked about tips we say that good service warrants $12.00 US per guest per day and excellent service $16.00 for larger groups but more for smaller groups.

Water,  We have been told that Vallarta's water tests better than San Francisco's (by a San Francisco native), never the less, locally filtered water is provided in every kitchen and bathroom.  If you prefer commercially filtered water so indicate on your arrival form.

Meals,  The chef does your marketing unless you prefer to do your own, and (with helpers) prepares breakfast,  botanas, i.e., pre meal snacks) and dinner or lunch, but not both, unless you have made special arrangements.  The houseman is your concierge, he also tends bar.   The cost of your food and beverages at the market is extra (and transportation costs to shop for them).  The chef will do your shopping (in pesos), he will provide you with receipts for all expenses.  He usually shops in the late morning after determining that day's menu.  The first morning the houseman will present the receipts for the cost of first night's dinner, breakfast and the initial stocking of the refrigerators/bars.  If you made a food deposit and it did not cover this, you will make up the difference and advance him at least enough pesos for that day's food etc. unless you want to accompany the chef  to market with your credit card (shopping can be very time consuming in Mexico).  Traveler's Checks are not useful unless you accompany him.   Food and beverage costs vary from $15/day to $20/day per person depending on your selections.  A lot of shrimp, lobster (which is not as good as those in the northeastern US) and imported booze will put you at or even over the high end.
         Use our food and beverage menu to identify your preferences to the chef.  Actually his repertoire is very extensive so ask if you want something not on the menu, most people do.  You may mix and match items or improvise as you wish subject to the availability of ingredients at the market.  Large groups can order 2 entrees but the kitchen is not equipped to prepare separate orders for each guest.  Domecq XA is a respectable Mexican vintner (the Cabernet and the Blanc de Blanc are good) and usually a variety of decent California, Chilean and Spanish wines are sold at Mercado Rizo.  Champbrule is a good Mexican sparkling white wine.
         Unless something specific is requested, breakfast is from 8:30 to 10:00.  The houseman will prepare cocktails in advance and/or will come back early to tend bar each afternoon.  Dinner will be served at the time and for the number of persons  you designate, but not later than 8:00 (this makes a 14 hour day for most of the staff) unless you have paid an event fee ($15 US per person). 

Local Transportation,  A car is not necessary at Casa Angela, however a rental car for a few days is the most convenient way to get to know the surrounding area.  You can print a copy of this map of the immediate area  Map of Conchas Chinas. Taxis are not expensive. They take about 5 minutes to get to the villa when called, tel # 221-5368. 
         The fare from downtown (from the river Cuale) to the house is $55.00 pesos.  The fare from the highway (Conchas Chinas market , El Set restaurant, etc.) is $35.00 pesos.  Taxis add $5.00 pesos to the fare when they are called to the villa.  Taxi drivers do not expect tips but welcome them.
         Public buses run every 10 to 15 minutes on the highway at the bottom of the enclave (an 8 minute walk), to downtown to the north and to Mismaloya and Boca de Tomatlan to the south.  The fare is $4.50 pesos either way.  From downtown the fare is $4.50 pesos go to the airport or the marina. The 25 minute walk to downtown is most enjoyable along the beach or the old road to town (cross the highway at the northern entrance to the enclave, go half a  block toward the bay and turn right at the "T" onto Calle Santa Barbara).

<>Sports & Entertainment,  For a fee tennis courts can be reserved at the Continental Plaza is (tel 224-4360 ext 500).
         There are six golf courses in the immediate area, the closest is near the marina. Its total charges for 18 holes are $120 US (including cart & caddie).  The telephone is 221-0073    See the section at the end of this page ¨GOLF IN PUERTO VALLARTA¨ for details on the 7 courses in the greater area.
         Water skiing, parasailing, jet skiing, catermaraning, wind surfing, etc. are available at all the major beaches in Vallarta, Bungee jumping 2 miles to the south.
         There are a variety of beaches: (a) the two major resort strips to the north of town; (b) the active local favorite, Los Muertos, with lots of cafes and restaurants on the south edge of town; (c) the quiet, beautiful Conchas Chinas beach at the foot of the hill; (d) the "big surf" beach on the way to Punta de Mita in Nayarit; and (e) the native beaches at Mismaloya, Boca de Tomatlan, Boca de Tomate and Yelapa .
          Bull fights are on Wednesday evenings in the winter.
          Whale watching December to March.
          2 different canopy tours are available.
          A local ranch will bring horses for riding to our front gate.  They conduct a jungle ride that can include lunch at a restaurant  in the mountains.
            You can get a water taxi to Yelapa from Boca de Tomatlan or the city pier if you are adventuresome and do not want to take one of daily commercial tours that depart from the marina.  South bound buses marked  "Boca" will get you to Boca de Tomatlan.
         Conchas Chinas beach is about a twelve minute walk down the hill..  There is a quaint restaurant at the extreme south end of the beach. The green route on the  Map of Conchas Chinas  takes you to the beach.   To get there exit the southern entrance to the enclave.  About 60 yards north of it (toward town) and across the highway is Calle Easy (Easy Street), a modest street that turns back to the south as it goes about 150 yards to reach the beach where there is parking and a stairway immediately on the right.  The road goes on along the shore to the restaurant.  On the south side of the restaurant are the Lindo Mar condominiums which have an elevator up to the highway and a taxi stand.  The fare up to Casa Angela is $25.00 pesos.
        Fishing boats can be chartered from the marina for trips outside the bay where the big game fish are more plentiful.  Smaller boats for trips inside the bay (fish-swim-picnic) can be chartered at the pier in town.  Prices are negotiable in town, a good price for a boat for four is $30 US per hour.  The houseman will help you reserve and negotiate
         Two readily available local publications, Vallarta Today and Puerto Vallarta Lifestyles, provide the details on a host of other actives; hot air ballooning, jungle touring, house tours, etc.

Shopping,  Mercado Rizo on the river Cuale is the closest (with the widest inventory) supermarket.  It is the one our chef uses.  It is more "local" than the newer Gigante and Commercial on the north side of the city and the Ley in the center of town.  You should be aware that Mexican beef is not usually grain fed so has a different flavor from US beef.  There is a fish market across the street from Rizo.  Something else to appreciate is that Pacific langusta is different (less flavorful) from Atlantic lobbster.  Conchas Chinas Market on the highway between the two entrances to the enclave has a modest selection at convenience store prices.
         There is a huge variety of hand crafted items for sale in Vallarta as well as outlets for all popular "designer" products.  The Central Market (bazaar) is the most concentrated group of vendors of hand crafted goods.  Do not hesitate to bargain with them.  The traditional shops do not normally bargain.

Restaurants,  All the major hotels (14 at last count) have one or more good restaurants.  There are literally dozens more in town, most are moderately priced compared to the US, some are very inexpensive.  Waiters do expect tips.
         Some favorite restaurants are: Barcelona Tapas for spanish food overlooking town (our favorite), Joe's Fish Shack for seafood in a local atmosphere, Le Bistro for mexican-american food in a romantic atmosphere, Trio, or Cafe des Artistes (expensive) for continental food, La Olla for basic mexican food, Hacienda Alemania for german food, Vitea (our second favorite) for a bistro menu, La Palapa  or El Dorado for dining "literally on the beach".  The two publications have more complete listings. 

Hotels and Night Life,  While Conchas Chinas in general and Casa Angela in particular are relatively quiet and secluded, Los Muertos, the Malecon (boardwalk) and the hotels to the north are very active, day and night.  There are at least 5 discos, including a  Senor Frog.  Refer to the current issues of the local publications for details.

Telephone and internet,  The villa has wireless internet access throughtout.  The same telephone line is shared by all levels, 221-5293, from the US; 011-52-322-221-5293.   Dialing instructions for calls within Mexico are in the front of the Puerto Vallarta telephone book.  Local numbers are 7 digits long all starting with 22.  Nuevo Vallarta and Bucerias are in the state of Nayarit so are not local calls.  Long distance and especially International telephone calls paid for in Mexico are VERY expensive.  The easiest and least expensive way to call the US is to use an AT&T credit card by dialing 01-800-462-4240 and giving the US operator the credit card # number and the number you are calling.  To call outside Mexico collect, dial "09" say you are calling "por cobrar".  Any local billing for long distance telephone calls will deducted from your telephone/security deposit.

Emergencies,  The two publications identified above (and below) have complete lists of all emergency services
         There is a part time police station at the south entrance to Conchas Chinas. The emergency phone # is "060" for police, fireman, ambulance etc. The tourist police patrolling in white uniforms speak some English.
         The most convenient hospital (which we use) is Medasist  It is at the corner of the highway into town and Manuel Dieguez Street, on the opposite side of the highway from the gas station about 50 yards closer to town,  The telephone numbers are 223-0444 and 222-3260.
          There are two doctors that practice there, speak English and are well respected in the expatriate community:    Dr. Guadalupe Lewgo (our doctor);   her office tel # 223-0444  and Dr. Carlos Munguia;  his office tel # 223-1401

General,  All prices herein are as of April 2007.  Pick up a copies of the most recent issues of Vallarta Today and/or Puerto Vallarta Lifestyles to get up to date information on all the facilities and resources available in Puerto Vallarta.
        Across the street and down the hill from Casa Angela is Ocho Cascadas, a landmark condominium that all taxi drivers and delivery men know.  If you can not communicate, show the driver one of the Casa Angela maps Map of Conchas Chinas.  Do not leave valuables around, lock them in your room if you do not want to carry them.
         All the information herein is subject to change without notice.  Casa Angela, Thomas LeBrun and Nurbel Partners accept no responsibility or liability for loss of property and/or death or injury to any occupant or occupant's guests.  Occupant (renter) acknowledges and accepts these conditions by making the final rental payment before occupancy.

Security Deposit and Damages,  Long distance phone charges, unpaid charges for occupancy in excess of the published limits and damages beyond fair wear and tear will be deducted from the security deposit ($500) before it is returned (immediately after the last phone bill is received which can be as long as 60 days after departure).  The food deposit will be reconciled with the houseman the first morning.

Getting to CA;  by taxi,  CA is in Upper Conchas Chinas.  Rinconada de Conchas Chinas only has 3 houses on it.   When approaching the top of Ocho Cascadas from the North (from the city), tell the cab driver to turn left onto Rinconada de Conchas Chinas just before reaching the upper entrance to Ocho Cascadas, a well known timeshare.

Driving yourself, drive thru town from the airport (PV is a long thin city along the bay).  Leave the city on the Hiway to Manzanillo (the only one out of the South end of PV).  About 3/4 of a mile from the Pemex gas station at the edge of town, just after the sign for Conchas Chinas beach, take a left into  the development (there is a bus stop and a sign for Ocho Cascadas there).  The street goes up a hill and then turns to the right almost 180 degrees, take the first left 20 yards after the turn.  300 yards later take the next left.  75 yards later take the next right.  100 yards later take the next left onto Rinconada de Conchas Chinas.  Casa Angela is 50 yards up on the right.  You will only see the gate and the name plate down at the road, come up the driveway.

Here are 2 sets of instructions in Spanish for a cab driver, one or the other will work:

1)  Subiendo Ocho Cascadas y casi enfrente es la clle Rinconada de Conchas Chinas.  Casa Angela es por la parte de arriba.

2)  Quando acercando la entrada arriba de Ocho Cascadas de la ciudad, 50 metros antes de la entrada, da un vuelta a la izguierdo sobre Rinconada de Conchas Chinas.  50 metros mas a la izquierdo esta la porta de fierro por la casa.  Hay azulejos con #100 y con Casa Angela.

When occupying Level one separately from the villa,   Maid, gardening and Jacuzzi services are included when apartments are occupied separately.  Cooking and/or butler services can be hired daily (if available) through the houseman.  There is no access to the swimming pool or to the other levels.  Occupants must use the outside stair, the inside one will be locked at level 2.

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