CASA ANGELA                                           Office phone & fax :  011-52(322)221-5018
Rinconada de las Conchas Chinas  #100            House phone:   011-52(322)221-5293
Puerto Vallarta, Jal., Mexico CP 48390            e-mail:

Arrival Information Form

Please fill out the following information to make your vacation a more pleasant experience. Email or fax the completed sheet to us no later than two weeks prior to arrival.

CLIENT NAME: _____________________________

Flight Information:
First Arrival (checkin is 3:00): Airline__________Flt.#_______Time________Date_________
Last Departure (checkout is 12:00): Airline_______Flt#________Time________Date_________

Circle and complete A, B or C;
 A.  If your arrival time at the villa is BEFORE 7:00 p.m., please give us the number of people for a typical Mexican dinner your first night: _____ persons.
 B.  If your arrival time at the villa is AFTER 7:00 p.m., would you like a cold supper left in the villa for you, if so which one?
   1.  Cold Chicken, Fruit    2.  Cold Cuts, Fruit.
 C.  We will NOT eat at the villa the first night.

What kind of refreshments would you like waiting for you at the villa?  Please indicate preferred brands (if available) and quantities desired.
Beer ______________________________________  Vodka ___________________
White wine ______________________                      Red wine _________________
Gin ______________________                                  Tequila ___________________
Margaritas ________                                                   Pina coladas _______________
Scotch ____________________                                  Rum._____________________
Kahlua ____________________                                 Bailey's __________________
Soft drinks (brands) _____________________________________________
Additional instructions or special requests for the first night:  (Detailed instruction or supply requests for the balance of the visit should be discussed directly with the staff in Puerto Vallarta your first morning.) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
For the first morning the following will be available: A full Mexican breakfast including coffee, juice, fruit, eggs, sweet rolls, etc. If possible special requests will be fulfilled. Please indicate any ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What are the sleeping arrangements?   _________ doubles,  _________ singles.  Explain if some singles are in same room with one of the doubles (e.g., children) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The cost of food, transportation for staff shopping and tips are not included in the rental price. circle one, we will:
 a) send _________ for a food deposit or;
 b) settle up with the houseman the first morning

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Rinconada de las Conchas Chinas  #100
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico  CP 48390
Office phone & fax;  011-52(322)221-5018
House phone #;  011-52(322)221-5293